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Loud On TV

by | Sep 15, 2023 | All, Pop, Song | 0 comments

Thick as two short planks 

And wider than a tank

So dead behind the eyes

Don’t hide your thunder thighs 


The vacuous uneducated gimps

Keep acting like our pimps

But do nothing with their days

Marketers can get them paid


Nothing to say when they

Don’t have their damn lines

But always sold out anyway

Just a sign of our times 


Children can starve to death 

Whose parents don’t have time to dream 

But people will queue for hours 

To hear about a new woman’s skincream


Please tell us all about your wealth

Tell us more about yourself

All about your aggravation,

Talk about your constipation 


All loud on important TV

Apparently we need to know thee.

Out there clear and loud.

Shakespeare would be proud. 


It’s not an accusation  

But maybe try less masturbation 

Such a depressing sign of the times.

Even Ai could write you better lines