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Lifelong Bet

by | Sep 15, 2023 | All, Pop, Rap, Song | 0 comments

Once there were two boys who did everything together. 

Closer than brothers, always looking out for one another 

So competitive, they’d win at everything that they would do,

‘til one bet he’d grow up to be the richer of the two.


Neither knew the bet would haunt them ‘til their dying day.

Solemnly they spit on it, all joking put away.

The first went off quickly once he graduated school.

The bet maker with big dreams knew exactly what to do.


He was young and the world was a friend he thought he knew,

Plans bigger than the oceans he crossed to make them true.

But money was harder than he expected it to earn, 

He borrowed, begged and stole he didn’t wait his turn.


Success was a must, in god’s will he’d trust. 

Time moved so fast, old friendships turn to rust.

He was ruthless, people only there to climb above. 

His family forgotten for the sake of fleeting loves.


The other man was smarter, the easy road he couldn’t take,

Family came first, decisions not his to make. 

Each of life’s new turns dealing ever worse news,

Great plans he abandoned, til there was nothing more to lose.


In the new country the first man made his wealth alone,

A beautiful house without warmth like his old home.

Makes new friends and doesn’t understand their jokes 

Feels only sad feelings that his memory provokes


His old friend no longer could an afford education,

Turned down at interviews without any explanation.

Money needed urgently so in his desperation.

Minimum wage accepted along with the degradation


No skills or experience, his grades count for nothing.

Job working round the clock, he’s finally good for something.

Start at the bottom, one day you’ll rise, up he’s told.

he breaks fights and pours pints ‘til he’s grey and old.


In the land of the free the first man climbs to success.

Bullshit and lies convinces others he’ll be the best.

It’s Not knowledge that make investors believe his fictions.

He raises millions through the power of his convictions.


The first man’s name now becomes known by millions.

Even he was surprised his bullshit was raising billions. 

He hadn’t built or made anything so found it so funny,

Lying about his hundred hour weeks makes him so much money


He Kept on telling the world he’d outwork everybody else.

Sleeping in each day at five star luxury hotels.

But his new friends are out to beat the game as well 

The Women he’s used and abused tell him he can go to hell.


He finds out then he’d forgot to pay out some of his dues.

Respect that took him months to build takes seconds to lose.

Now he longs for his privacy, but the ship has long sailed,

Friends who’ve sold him out saying justice has prevailed 


The empire he’s built up around him is crumbling down 

For the first time in decades he’s a foreigner again now 

He can’t belive just how fast the king becomes the clown,

The SAME people who built him up can’t wait to bring him down 


So he calls old forgotten friends straight out of the blue.

Replies come ‘I’m not sure, sorry, I can’t place you,’

He tells himself he’ll be more careful the next time.

Far less people need to know about his financial crime


One last phone call to the old country then he makes,

A voice replies, ‘Oh you,’ ‘I read about your mistakes’

‘Seeing how it turned out, I bet you wish you stayed.’

‘No, I loved every second spending the money I made.


‘I’m calling you up buddy to settle our old bet.’

‘Well I’m not sure why you did, you haven’t won it yet.’

You lost your money, Looks like your still a dreamer, 

All you did was prove the grass is never really greener.