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Blue Eyed Beauty

by | Sep 15, 2023 | All, Ballad, Pop, Song | 0 comments

Verse 1

My blue eyed beauty has eyes so bright but always full of mystery.

I love how she glances down right before she really looks at me

The way she looks like she is just about to smile wide

Then looks away like there is something on her mind


Love the way she tucks her hair like it’s blowing in the wind.

And then she sighs, dreaming of some adventure happening

Love the way her eyes dance and she gets excited so fast,

Right before, like bells pealing, she begins to laugh.


Verse 2

For my blue eyes beauty there is so much I would do.

For the looks that she gives me, when I kiss her too,

Though happiness we might not have every day, all the time. 

But it’s worth it still when my beauty says she’s mine. 


Whenever she smiles, her face lights up the room

Always able to lift up friends from their doom and gloom,

Knowing so much, but her modesty never lets her tell,

How she speaks two more languages fluently as well.


Verse 3

And might not have got to the best universities in the world 

But only because she didn’t school in the right country and zip code.

Still she just smiles and for lost chances doesn’t seem to mind.

Because she understands how the blind always lead the blind.


My blue eyed beauty and I always stay together and rise above. 


Through miles and years together we keep our bond, our special love


Still we grow stronger side by side and do not grow apart. 


And I know she loves me, my blue eyed beauty in my heart.